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Victoria Whiteland - Corset DesignerI am a corsetière working with my own unique collection of modern corset designs.

My studio is based in Wales, UK and dedicated to developing corsets that give the best shape and fit.

I have received commissions from Sir Hardy Amies Royal Couturier, London.

Over the last 20 years my couture corsetry has been shown at some of London's best boutiques including Coco de Mer and Basia Zarzycka and seen on television and in magazines.

I have also designed and made historical reproductions and theatrical costume. My corset dresses are inspired by flights of imagination and the beauty of iconic couture and fashion.

My collection of many styles caters for all body shape needs and all budgets. Full length body-sculpting and waist- cinching designs, girdles and back supports. Many of our customers return again for our comfortable body-styling daily wear and sumptuous evening wear corsets. Thank you all for your appreciation which drives my passion to improve corsets for our modern lifestyles.

My design for The Everyday Corset, a modern corset for daily wear, was nominated for an award at The British Female Inventors and Innovators Show, London, The Salon Des Inventions, Geneva and won an award at The British Invention Show, London.

The Everyday Corset

The Everyday Corset

The Everyday CorsetThe Award winning Everyday Corset is a garment that you can wear at any time, to alter your figure in exactly the same way that a corset would yet does not rely upon 19th century technology!

The Everyday Corset achieves many health benefits in addition - this corset has been created utilising aspects of modern technology to address many issues of physicality and well being.

The Everyday Corset website

Top reasons for wearing a corset

Practicality It is unseemly and uncomfortable to flop around under our clothes, a supportive structured solution is necessary.
Back Support The improvement of health and comfort
Abdomen Support Pre/Post childbirth
Posture Prevents slouching. Promotes habitual good ‘carriage’
Body Maintenance Controls alteration of figure due to ageing
Bust Support Vital. Support is more effective than suspension
Figure Reduction Usually 2-3” around waist is reduced. Not achieved by other underwear!
Fashion Garment Most flattering garment available
Confidence If we look good in our underwear, we will look good in anything – whatever we spend.
Embrace New Fashion Shape Wanting the perfect figure? A corset can make it happen.
A Sexy Look Not just a new dress but a new shape. Underwear is essential as the foundation of looking good
Romance As part of bridal wear or honeymoon trousseau.
Fetish Wear Benefits couples with fantasy interests.
Medical Support or correction of spine, stomach muscles or post operative support.
Rescue! My fascination with corsets as a health garment began the day my brother arrived home wearing one! Thanks to the corset, he was spared the worst consequences of an injury to the spine during a Rugby match.
Collectors Corsets are a great thing to collect


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